031417 Coach email

FLL Coaches!

STEM Day at the Capitol
Save the Date! Doolittle Institute will be reserving some team booths at the STEM Day at the Capitol event this year. FIRST® presence at this event is always the highlight.
– Note from Terri Willingham: STEM Day at the Capitol, Tallahassee – April 11 – hosted by Orlando Science Center –  This is a great opportunity to get front and center of your legislators, and to help us keep the state funding support going.
If you would like to participate by bringing your team in to do a demonstration for part of the day, please let me know. More details will follow.
Mission Design Workshop (March 29th, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, NWFSC)
Do you want to provide your students with a process for designing solutions to mission? Attend this workshop to receive a student workbook with an FLL Decision Making table for overall robot game strategies, a tool for students to design mission solutions, and a method for Pseudo Code generation. Register for this workshop by Friday, March 24th at this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XQNF8YZ

Spring Break Camp
Please pass this opportunity on to your students. Emerald Coast Science Center will have camps over spring break. Students can sign up at this link: http://www.ecscience.org/springbreakcamp

·         Check out our grants link on the Resources page of our Florida-Northwest website. Now is a great time to gain support for next year: https://fllnwf.org/team-resources/
·         DOD STEM Grants: If your team has an adult mentor who is Military or Civil Service, you qualify to apply for the DOD STEM grant! Don’t pass this one up, each team who applied last year received over $300 toward FIRST® LEGO® League registration and to purchase their Field Kit. Applications will be sent out in April for next season.
·         The local chapter of The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is filing for a grant to support new teams in the Florida – Northwest region. Teams that are from Title 1 schools and/or are located in rural areas have top priority please forward this information to teachers and other potential new FLL (4th-8th grade) or FLL Jr (K-4th grade) coaches. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5W2G9RC. Neighborhood and/or homeschool groups should apply as well. We are partnering with AIAA in the application stage, but if they win this grant, we want to be ready to select those who will are serious about FLL and what to benefit. If AIAA does not get the grant, we have some used resources we would like to pass on to new teams so they can get started and perhaps hold their own summer camp. We are looking for more many more coaches to apply, so we have opened this survey back up.

FIRST® LEGO® League Jr Expos
·         Come watch our March FLL Jr Expos (information attached). There’s still time to form a team for the Summer FLL Jr Expo on June 24th. Coaches who have a team of 3 to 6, K-4th grade students can contact rick.soria@doolittleinstitute.org for more information.

Robotics Coach Academy
·         Save the date: June 27 – 29 (Please note: Date changed from previous announcement).  These slots will fill up fast! Standards aligned Mission Planning Strategies for FIRST® LEGO® League coaches. Overall strategy decision process, mission planning techniques; all in a workbook for students. This material is perfect if you want to hold your own summer camp in July! Look for registration information in April.

Kids on Campus: NWFSC, Niceville (Registration open April 17)
Introduction to Robotics (4th & 5th grade)
Learning computer programming with robots is fun and easy! Come learn to program a Mindstorms® EV3 robot that uses sensors and motors to pick up objects, follow lines, and stop before crashing into a wall. Perfect for students thinking about joining a FIRST® LEGO® League Robotics team!

There will also be a robotics camp for 6th – 8th grade, taught by Dan Hillard more details soon! Watch this webpage for registration information: http://www.nwfsc.edu/Community/ContEd/JuniorRaiders/KidsonCampus/

3D Printing Camp (7th & 8th Grade at NWFSC)
Week of July 24th. Registration to open in April.

Other Summer Camp Opportunities…
If you know of STEM and/or robotics camps in your area, please email this information to me. We will compile a list of what’s happening in STEM in Northwest Florida this summer page for any and all K-College STEM activities.

Beth Hanning
Director of STEM Education Outreach
Doolittle Institute

Florida – Northwest Region