Davidson Middle School Qualifier

Twenty teams in the Florida – Northwest region competed at the Davidson Middle School Qualifier. This was our largest tournament ever!



Champion: 20844 LEGO Legends
Robot Performance: Thunderbots
Robot Design: 6676 The TLRC Overthinkers
Core Values: 27055 #TechSavvy
Project: 3735 STEMM Stingers
Judge’s Award: 28800 RoboPros



Bids to Regional Championship:
3735 STEMM Stingers
3748 STEMM Swarm
6676 The TLRC Overthinkers
8882 Pantherbotz
20844 LEGO Legends
18683 Artoo-Deetoo
25105 The TLRC COOL

Shutterfly photo gallery: https://firstnwf.shutterfly.com/326
(Look for password in email to coaches.)